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Pixels The Movie – Movie Review

by ThePixelsGeek

Pixels is an action-comedy starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James about a group of old-school gamers protecting the planet from aliens in the shape of pixel video game characters. On the surface, this sounds like a win-win situation for gamers with a combination of awesome pixels graphics and the comedic genius Adam Sandler. But what we got nearly two hours of corny jokes that mocked the gamer lifestyle and reinforcing the negative stereotypes. Rather than making a movie for gamers, they decided to make a movie making fun of gamers. Even so, what could have been a lovingly funny betrayal of geekiness like Fanboys turned into a straight forward mean movie. Any real retro gamer will want to see the movie for the base premise, they need to be prepared to have their feelings hurt at times.


In the 1980s a time-capsule containing retro gaming footage was launched into space. Years later, that footage was discovered by an alien race that looks like retro gaming characters and interpreted as an act of war.  To protect the planet, the President of the United States unites his old gaming friends and defeats the aliens at their own game or games.

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