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Top Gamer Clothing Brands

Top 9 Gamer Clothing Brands

by ThePixelsGeek

Lots of people spend unnecessary time looking around the internet for gamer clothing brands. And with being a gamer being so popular nowadays, you would think it would be easier to find something to wear. But surprisingly, not many clothing brands designed for gamers are on the market. A lot of companies have random gamer clothing, but very few focus strictly on gamer apparel. In the past, gamer shirts were usually purchased around Christmas time as an extra gift but this isn’t always the case. If designed in the right way, clothing can be made to reflect your inner gamer while remaining fashionable. Whether you are looking for something to wear out to the store or just something to wear in the house while gaming, you should have it. The following companies have made it their goal to provide gamers with stylish clothing on a consistent basis.

Top Gamer Clothing Brands

9. DesignByHumans

Designed By HumansDesignByHumans comes in last on our list because it is not a brand made specifically for gamers. It’s just a website that sells all sorts of shirts on various franchises. We included it just because their gaming section is just pretty awesome. DesignByHumans has licensing deals with all the biggest names, from Cuphead to Super Mario. All of the shirts sell for $25 making them the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

8. Electronic Gamers’ League

EGL - Gamer Clothing BrandsUnlike the other companies on this list, Electronic Gamers’ League makes clothing designed for eSports and professional gaming. When you look up gamer clothing you mainly get a list of funny t-shirts and costume hoodies. So Electronic Gamers’ League stands out for being different. Most of the clothing on the site features a more professional attitude than seen elsewhere in gamer apparel. Because of their original design approach, Electronic Gamers’ League has provided apparel for some of the biggest names in Esports.

7. Glitch Gaming Apparel

Glitch ApparelGlitch Gaming Apparel is another company on the list that flat out says “for gamers, by gamers” on their about us page. But they aren’t really lying either. All of Glitch’s products are extremely fashionable and overflowing with gaming culture references. You could wear them to work on casual Friday or a party on Saturday, they fit all occasions. The only downside of Glitch is that aside from their T-shirts, their products are on the more expensive end of things.  I placed it so far down on the list because of the small somewhat outdated selection.

6. RIPT Apparel

Ript ClothingRipt Apparel sells not only clothing for gamers but pretty much anything geek related. Starting with just gaming shirts, Ript has grown over the years to include merchandise from classic movies, popular comic book heroes, and cult horror franchises. Whether you are looking for a shirt from a classic 80’s TV show or a hoodie for an old horror movie, Ript will have you covered. With so many options to choose from, you might just end up rebooting your entire wardrobe.

5. Insert Coin Clothing

Insert Coin ClothingInsert Coin Clothing is another company founded by gamers with pure intentions of making clothing for gamers.  Most of their clothing contains images of video game artwork or pop culture references gamers will undoubtedly understand and appreciate. So doesn’t matter if your style is eye-catching or slacker, Insert Coin has the clothing needed for you to express your inner gamer. And with new shirts being released weekly, you will never have to worry about running out of clothing to wear around the house.


DRKNDRKN is a streetwear gamer brand founded in 2015. Their goal was to design a clothing line that draws from gaming and computer culture while remaining fashionable. Currently teaming with Call of Duty, DRKN has entire collections of Warzone and Division based clothing. Compared to the other brands on the list DRKN is fairly expensive. But all the clothing has modern designs and top-notch quality making it worth the price.

3. Jinx

Jinx Gamer ClothingJinx is a gamer clothing brand that has been another for over 20 years now.  And while they do offer officially licensed clothing associated with popular games, they also create their own custom clothing designs that are extremely popular. From pixelated designs to shirts with their dorky geek skull logo, Jinx has a style everyone can appreciate. If you are looking for something other than video game merchandise, then Jinx is the site for you.

2. FanGamer

FanGamerFanGamer is a great site for anyone looking for clothing based on their favorite video games. What makes this website deserve the second slot on our list is its extensive collection. With over a hundred games to choose from, FanGamer is almost guaranteed to have something for everyone. While lots of websites sell gaming shirts, FanGamer is the only site we’ve seen with shirts for this many games. Another added plus is that the website also sells the games, so you can pick up a new game along with a shirt to wear while playing it.

1. NumSkull

NumSkullNumskull is one of the more awesome gamer clothing brands that you can really tell was made by gamers. All of their clothing is based on beloved gaming franchises like Crash Bandicoot and Space-Invaders making them an instant hit. Aside from clothing, NumSkull also sells all sorts of stylized video gamer accessories, not found anywhere else.  They also have a collection of ugly Christmas sweaters perfect for themed parties or a holiday get-together. With so much of their catalogs art consisting of the retro games and franchises that made us who we are today, it’s hard to leave the site without buying anything.

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