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Moira, An 8-Bit Magician

by ThePixelsGeek

Möira is an up and coming action-platformer game from Onagro Studios with action, puzzles, and exploration. Rather then using a straightforward level design like most platformer games, Möira has chosen to use a nonlinear format. This forces the player to actually explore the world, looking for what to do, instead of simply moving to the right without being killed. As an example, Super Metroid is a classic platformer game that uses a basic version of this type of gameplay format. Combat in Möira is retro gaming action with a mix of puzzle by having to find the right mixture of skills to bypass the enemies defenses.  Möira also uses beautiful pixel graphics as tribute to the iconic style of the Nintendo Gameboy.

The game’s story follows a young wizard named Rubick as he attempts to track down his lost mentor, Zeppeli. new abilities in order to uncover pieces about a dark truth related to his master’s disappearance. On your journey, you will travel through different kingdoms, inspired by mythology Greek civilizations, and meet new people to help you along the way and uncover the mystery behind Zeppeli’s disappearance.

While playing the game, the player will be forced to think his way out of difficult situations using magical skills or a combination of magical skills. You can also combine and utilize your new skills to unlock secret areas, that you were previously unable to reach, with hidden items. Part of the fun is going back and rediscovering areas or NPC’s you were unable to reach before acquiring a specific skill.

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Möira by Onagro Studios is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and aims to be released in June 2017 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Wii U launch. Support them if wish to play this game in the future.

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