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Due Process

Due Process: A Competitive Shooter with Pixel Graphics

by ThePixelsGeek

Due Process is a pixel art based first-person shooter game being developed by Giant Enemy Crab. The game has been in a beta phase for a long time but recently entered Early Access on Steam. Sporting competitive gameplay and retro-looking graphics, Due Process has already gained a cult following. Players of the game appreciate the familiar feel of the gameplay while easily adapting to its added features.

Due Process Map Generation

Due Process - Map Generation

Procedurally Generated Map of Due Process

By far the most interesting aspect of Due Process is the procedurally generated maps. With games like Counter-Strike, the biggest downfall was becoming accustomed to the maps. After a while, you learn every hiding place on De_Dust II, taking much of the excitement out of the game. With Due Process, every time you play the game the maps are procedurally generated and rearranged in a new layout. This prevents the game from growing stale and forces you to remain on your toes. Two things very much needed from a successful online shooter.

Due Process Editable Map

Due Process Map Generation

Custom Map of Due Process

Another added feature of the game is the ability for team members to draw on the map. This adds a refreshing planning element before the matches begin. Instead of only yelling the direction you are going to go, you can now map out in-depth plans like plays in a football game. Because of this feature, Due Process is perfect for competitive gamers looking for more control. Every week the developers plan on releasing new maps to ensure fresh gameplay.

Due Process’ Retro Graphics

Pixel Graphics of Due Process

Pixel Graphics of Due Process

Due Process features low polygon character models reminiscent of old school games. This added together with the pixel graphics provides the game with an incredibly retro feel. At first, the game looks like any modern-day shooter, but at second glance the pixels start to shine. If it wasn’t for all the flying bullets you could spend hours just looking at the beautifully drawn sprites.  Due Process proves that all games do not have to look photo-realistic graphics to be beautiful.

If you have been to this site before you know I’m a big fan of anything with pixel graphics. And as a kid, I grew up playing CS 1.6, so Due Process is the perfect combination for me. You can purchase it now when it’s in Early Access for a discount, or wait until it’s released. I just wouldn’t miss playing what I believe is going to be one of the best FPS of the next generation.

Due Process Trailer

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