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Donuts N Justice

Donuts ‘N’ Justice, Two of Cops Favorite Things

by ThePixelsGeek

Donuts ‘N’ Justice is an action-packed 2D shoot-’em-up in which you play as one of two retro-styled ‘Super Cops’ defending their city against violent gangs and corruption.  Being a ‘bullet hell’ game you can expect repetitive but fun gameplay where you dodge enemy fire while blasting through waves of enemies. While this doesn’t often anything new to the retro gamer with many games like this being made already, it does bring a retro sense of style not seen in many games. Donuts ‘N’ Justice is a pixel perfect reflection of what the ’80s were truly like if you lived in an action movie that is.

Dressed to kill in matching white suits, this duo of kickass cops must span 5 levels to save the people they have sworn to protect and swerve from countless bad guys. The game features over 14 different types of enemies based on all the 80’s best stereotypes from rough ‘n’ tough biker gangs to sword-swinging triads and scary aliens. To make things easier for you, you can unlock new weapons and power-ups along the way to help you mow through your enemies with ease. While this game isn’t particularly hard to learn, it is hard to master. Find a friend and prepare for some of the most intense coop action, you have seen since 1989.

Donuts ‘N’ Justice Gameplay


Donuts ‘N’ Justice by Fobti Interactive is currently available on Steam for Windows computers. Support them if wish to play more of their games in the future.

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