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Dad Quest, A Reason To Have Kids

by ThePixelsGeek

Finally, a real reason for men to keep their children after making them. Dad Quest is a wacky new platformer game by Sundae Month that follows a father and son as they go on a once in a lifetime adventure together. But rather then protecting the child, as seen with most games, in Dad Quest you use the kid to protect yourself. Carry, swing, and hurl your little brat as you take on an assortment of funny enemies that will have you ‘lol’ing with their witty comebacks.

Dad Quest Scenes

The idea of the game revolves around the simple idea that children, god bless’em, are an indestructible force of nature and are able to destroy anything within seconds. If somehow a parent was capable of harnessing the destructive force of a child they would become unstoppable.  By upgrading your child with interesting clothing and toys they are able to become even more dangerous by learning new abilities and moves. By the end of the game you and your child will have formed an unbreakable bond and possibly a couple of child abuse lawsuits.

Dad Quest Gameplay


Dad Quest by Sundae Month is currently available on Steam: Early Access for Windows computers. Support them if wish to play more of their games in the future.

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