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10 Awesome Examples of Pixel CosPlay

10 Awesome Examples Of Pixel Cosplay

by ThePixelsGeek

Cosplay is awesome, there is no way around that. But some of the most incredible cosplay costumes are the retro stuff rather then the ones that come from the newer movies and games. The problem is that most of the retro games were made with 2D sprites making it hard for cosplayers to accurately bring them into the 3D world. The people below have found a work around to that issue and have created some of the the coolest pixel cosplay costumes we have ever seen.


Cloud is the hero from the greatest RPG ever made, like you didn’t know.  While alot of people will dress like the charactor, not many will take the time to make a shape by shape recreation. Just look at the image above and then look at images from the game itself, it’s hard not to be impressed.


This costume shows off how easy it is to take part in cosplay fun. With a couple sheets of cardboard and some markers this girl was about to recreate one of the worlds greatest heroes in perfect likeness.


According to some, Charizard is and always will be the ultimate Pokemon.  This cosplay shows off his height while still maintaining the ‘boxy’ pixel form.

Nude Pixel Sims

Who doesn’t like naked girls? We know we do. Cosplaying as a naked person from one of the Sims games is one of the funniest and strangly sexy costumes anyone can choose to wear. I makes people’s mind think o f you as being naked, even while fully dressed.

Lara Croft

While the mask looks incredibly uncomfortable, the level of awesome this costume holds makes it all worth while. What looks to be a homemade box recreation of Lara Croft’s head and an awesome paint job gives you a picture quality cosplay of one of the baddest ladies in all of gaming history.


Minecraft is one of the newer pixel games with a decent sized following. It’s no surprise to find these two awesome examples of pixel cosplay wandering the streets.


Who doesn’t like cosplaying as a bad guy? Sephiroth is one of the baddest guys around so it’s no surprise to find someone cosplaying as the villain. What sets this costume apart from others is the wearer’s choice to include the sharp edges of the old school PS1 graphics.


Classic Mario in his 8-bit form. What else is there to say?

Ski Monster

Pretty much every 90’s kid has spend hours of their time playing SkiFree, a Windows games about skiing with extremely simple graphics. Those of us with enough skill were able to ski so far past the goal line that a monster(seen above) would come out and chase the hell out of you. If you were truly skilled you could out run him for a while but in the end the results were always the same, you inside his mouth.

The Duck Hunt Dog

The Dog, also known as the Laughing Dog to those of use that weren’t any good at the Duck Hunt, is one of the first gaming companions. The Duck Hunt dog came before Tails, before Yoshi.

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